New Testimonial for The Maven

Peter’s consulting services are an absolute MUST for anyone who is engaged in retirement planning or getting ready to claim Social Security benefits.  Had I availed myself of this type of assistance at the appropriate time, it would have meant an additional $24,000 to me and my wife over a four-year period.

In fact, even if I had approached him halfway through that four-year period, we would have been able to recover about $15,000.  But he had not yet begun his practice at that time, and I am not familiar with anyone else who does this kind of work.

Peter’s creative approach to claiming strategies and encyclopedic knowledge of this subject area goes into every handcrafted report he prepares for his clients, resulting in an incredible value for individuals and couples of all descriptions.

I also had the opportunity to attend Peter’s presentation to an audience of over 100 people at the Vermont State Employees Credit Union annual meeting in March 2014.  The one word that comes immediately to mind is: COMPELLING!

Jerome “Jerry” Diamond, Attorney

Montpelier, Vermont