Social Security Maven to Speak before Tax School

The Social Security Maven has accepted an invitation to deliver two special presentations preceding the opening of the UVM Extension Tax School in November 2014.  The presentations are scheduled at Essex Junction, VT, on November 4 and in Killington, VT, on November 10.  The Tax School is annually attended by about 400 tax preparers located in the state of Vermont.  Click here for more information.

File and Suspend: Everyone’s Favorite Social Security Technique

It was back in 2010 when I heard a Social Security expert mention the terminology “file and suspend.”

It immediate captured my imagination, as it was the first inkling I had that:

  1. Social Security is complicated.
  2. You can approach claiming with actual strategies in mind.
  3. There are some really neat tricks available – like file and suspend!

It took some serious study before I truly understood how the technique works, when it is and isn’t available, and why one would use it.  So it’s not surprising to me when I hear clients, as well as their professional advisors, throw the term around recklessly and inappropriately.  Read more.