New Client Testimonial

I recently consulted with a very sophisticated client over an unusual Social Security planning situation and was gratified to receive the following email message from the client – along with her permission to post it on my website:

Dear Peter,

I can’t thank you adequately for your swift, professional and excellent advice on our rather tricky Social Security question.  Your answer was creative, not obvious, and especially timely. You obviously are the “go to” person for anyone with Social Security issues.  It’s wonderful to speak with someone who knows their stuff – and is creative and super-timely to boot!  

I have over thirty years’ experience in financial planning with clients throughout Vermont, and wish I had known of your services many years earlier.  You’d have saved me countless gray hairs, and my clients significant sums of money.  Thank you for providing such a valuable service, and for doing it so beautifully.

Very much obliged to you,

Amy Leavitt

Former CFP and Principal, Leavitt Associates, Quechee, Vermont