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On March 11, Peter delivered the keynote presentation at the annual meeting of the Vermont State Employees Credit Union, with about 150 people attending.  All the feedback following the presentation was very positive — although some folks wished that they could have picked up some more specific recommendations about their own Social Security situations!

On February 7, Peter addressed a group of about 45 financial services professionals affiliated with Vital Financial Group, an organization with offices in Sunrise and Coral Gables.  A follow-up client event is being discussed for later in the year.

Upcoming events include two client appreciation seminars: one is sponsored by Purdy Powers, an accounting firm in Portland, Maine, on June 5; the other is being co-sponsored by William Allen, a financial services advisor, and Scheer & Hickey, also an accounting firm, to be held in Shelburne, VT on June 26.  

New Client Testimonial:

For many years I have known Peter as a very accomplished estate planning attorney who has worked on many sophisticated and elaborate strategies to maximize retirement savings and income.  When I heard he was now focusing on Social Security I was intrigued because that seems so simple compared to what he had been doing. 

Turns out, it’s just not that simple.  In fact, it’s surprisingly complicated, but Peter is very clear and thorough, and has developed his usual deep insights into the many nuances of the program.  We had him take a look at our situation and he was remarkably helpful in describing several strategies we should consider to optimize our decisions about when and how each of us should take our Social Security benefits. 

He customizes his work to your specific circumstances and his insights will help you make the most appropriate decision for your family.  He doesn’t waste any time either so I found the process refreshingly simple yet impactful.

I highly recommend Peter to anyone approaching Social Security retirement age.

Thomas H. MacLeay, Chairman, Board of Directors, National Life Group

Episode 2 – Money on the Table

This is the second in a series of real life Social Security stories about people who have left, or were about to leave, Money on the Table.


I was in Orlando during late January where I presented a seminar to the Small Business Council of America.  My business was finished by noon on Sunday, and I decided to contact an old college friend (Tim) who lives in St. Petersburg.  I didn’t feel like driving all the way over there, but I thought he might be able to meet me half-way.

It turned out that Tim couldn’t get away that afternoon, but he asked me what I was up to and the conversation turned to my favorite subject: The Further Adventures of the Social Security Maven!

Pretty quickly Tim admitted: “I really should learn a bit more about Social Security.”    Read more

Partners Only Section

This is a password-protected section of the website intended for financial services professionals, CPAs, attorneys, employers, and others who are interested in partnering with me to make my Social Security expertise available to their clients, employees, and other constituencies.

To gain access to this section, you may obtain a password either by contacting me directly or by using the Ask a Question portal of this website.